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After more than two decades and over 1,000 apps shipped, we know what it takes to ship insanely great software. Our professionals work collaboratively across disciplines to create unequaled software. Our core process focuses on quality, performance, and sustainability.

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We work with our clients through every stage of mobile software development from initial thoughts and feasibility to seeing your app live on the App Store.

Our designers and engineers build your vision while our project managers keep you in the loop at every step from weekly builds and feedback sessions to bug tracking. We tailor our solutions to fit your needs, not the other way around. If you are looking to build a Mobile App, MartianCraft is your one stop solution, start to finish.

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Agile Explorers

Supply your customers with what they want before they even know they needed it. Our diverse team of talented designers, and developers are hand selected for each and every project to ensure the best possible fit. We know that one size never fits all and we will never try to force an out of the box solution into your specific requirements.

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Mission Success

We have had the honor of working with stargazers, visionaries, and innovative thinkers to push the boundaries of mobile software since the launch of the iPhone. While much of our work is confidential, we can share a few of our esteemed clients.

Our company blog, where our team has the opportunity to share their knowledge with the community in one easy to access location.

From design and development, reactions to changes in the tech community, or just excitedly sharing a geeky hobby , it all ends up on The Syndicate.