Kyle is a lifelong software engineer, he started writing code on a Commodore 64k during his childhood, soon progressing to a Mac SE and has been dedicated to the Apple platform ever since. Kyle helped create the first credit card processing app for the iPhone in 2009 and created the first multiplayer iPhone game. He has published 5 books on Software Development and has spoken at more than 150 conferences on entrepreneurship and technology. He has successfully been running software consultancy companies since 2004. more

Kyle is a veteran of the US Army Airborne Infantry, a licensed bail enforcement agent, a firearm safety instructor, and Apple certified hardware technician, a Rescue SCUBA diver, an avid backcountry hiker, and skydiver. He attended SUNY with a major in Information Systems. As a lifelong entrepreneur he has successfully brought three companies to exits. less

Nick is a Swiss-trained designer and has forged his career working as a software designer. Nick is a master of building out design systems and design languages for products. more

He leads the MartianCraft design team, and brand, with precision and is adept at getting to the heart of our client problems — providing the best solution while weighing the development cost of each option he provides.

If you ask Nick about a new typeface, be sure to set aside a couple hours. less

Tyler’s journey as a Project Manager is a unique one, starting as a tech support representative with a Sociology degree to becoming a certified project manager and leading teams and projects for Fortune 500 companies, specialty pharmacies, and nonprofits. more

Being a University of Michigan fan, Tyler grew up hearing Bo Schembechler’s “The Team” speech and has always had a strong desire to make sure his teams are happy and have what they need to succeed, because that will always lead to success.

Outside of work you can find Tyler on the many lakes of Michigan, tinkering with his 3D printer, reading books, playing video games, and learning to build apps in SwiftUI, all while keeping his energetic daughter and chocolate lab, Lucy, entertained. less

Cory loves technology and has been developing for iOS, macOS, and web since high school; and, professionally since 2012. Cory has written apps for small startups, Fortune 500 companies, and large enterprise customers alike, with several apps being featured on-stage during Apple events. Cory is a published author, having written *Beginning WatchKit Development* and several iOS and macOS technical articles. He is dedicated to helping MartianCraft and its employees reach their fullest potential. more

In his spare time, Cory enjoys learning to play piano, outdoor photography, exercising, and enjoying the latest video games on the Nintendo and Playstation platforms. You can sometimes find him wearing multiple Apple Watches. less

Beau has been tinkering with technology as long as he can remember and has over 20 years of professional software development experience. He’s worked on a wide variety of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies on an even wider variety of projects including audio tools; social media apps; e-commerce, bug tracking, source control, and CRM systems; and enterprise apps. He’s dedicated to creating an environment at MartianCraft that fosters creativity and enables people to do their best work. more

Beau enjoys traveling, camping, and hiking. He’s an avid tabletop gamer, a DIY home renovator with his wife, and has recently taken up leatherworking. less

Kevin's passion is assisting visionaries in seeing their big ideas come to life. His leadership domain knowledge covers order fulfillment systems, product development, sales program development, art and photography direction and software design & delivery cycle. more

Bringing together teams to build ideas and solve problems is the defining joy of his career. Kevin is a well travelled man and brings a unique perspective to every project he touches.

Kevin has been stranded in more airports than we care to acknowledge. less

After graduating business school, Chris got his start at one of the Midwest’s largest non-profit organizations and eventually moved on to a Forbes 100 where he was in charge of hedging and trading decisions to maximize profit. more

Since then, he has been the financial manager for multiple multi-million dollar companies all while owning and operating a business along side his wife. less

Following a passion for marketing and sales since 2005, Tyler has been working with creative agencies and brands to craft digital innovation from brand strategy and user needs. Working across many verticals, Tyler has successfully partnered with Fortune 500 companies to launch digital experiences that increase engagement and grow revenue for businesses. Tyler excels at finding creative opportunities in digital technology. more

Often the most energetic person in any room, he has a passion to architect projects and ventures with multiple stakeholders and see them through so that all varying interests are served. When not developing sales, strategy and marketing, Tyler finds freedom with his 4 boys and wife in the mountains of Colorado. less

Alex believes in the power of distributed consulting companies like MartianCraft to change the world for the better. He and his wife Carolyn, also at MartianCraft as an iOS Engineer, live rural on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, 3 hours from Seattle, because they believe in remote work and rural Internet expansion. more

He’s studied biotech, finance, and economics, and his hobbies include hiking, nature photography, gaming with his daughter (the Minecraft expert) or just geeking out on science and tech trends. He’s very excited to be helping MartianCraft grow, and hopes you will reach out to the Business Development team for a conversation about what MartianCraft can bring to your increasingly app-driven enterprise. less

Jana has spent 18 years working in the technology industry, with the last 10 years in program management of new products and shipping products. more

Having brought many new products to market, Jana’s passion is working directly with customers and developers to solve problems in innovative ways.

Jana has spent her career focused on software and is an expert in software design, specs, and implementation. She strives to bring sanity and clarity to complex and fast paces development projects. less

With over 26 years of experience in software development, Rich has worked in numerous fields and business domains, from the gaming industry at Electronic Arts, enterprise-scale web applications at the Forbes 100 retailer Ahold USA, architecting and overseeing audio recognition at BMI utilizing the Shazam technology, to building multi-million user applications for ESPN, Fox News, USA Today and many others. more

Rich is the co-author of the The Core iOS Developer’s Cookbook published by Addison-Wesley Professional, covering technologies in iOS. less

Chris has been tinkering with computers since he was a kid and has been developing software for over 20 years–starting his professional programming career 13 years ago. A majority of his professional programming career has been working on iOS applications for small businesses and enterprise clients. Chris has engaged in multiple technical speaking opportunities as well as co-authored three iOS development books. more

In his spare time Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids–working on home DIY projects, gardening, cooking, or playing video and board games. less