MartianCraft, developer of Briefs and Typeset, has acquired Texas-based BitBQ LLC to expand its product offerings into consumer software and bolster its existing Pro App line-up. The asset purchase includes BitBQ’s signature products: TouchPad, NumPad, QueueUp, and Changes.

MartianCraft’s CEO, Kyle Richter, is confident in these additions: “Our team was already using these apps at home and in the office. They’re excited to continue improving these products and ensure they have a great future ahead of them.”

BitBQ’s Founder, Patrick Burleson, knows first hand of MartianCraft’s expertise: “Having worked with MartianCraft in the past I’m confident they have the resources to achieve my vision for these products and beyond.”

MartianCraft is pleased to announce the release of Changes 1.7 which adds support for Retina displays and a completely modernized memory architecture. Richter adds: “This is only the beginning.” The addition of Changes to MartianCraft’s lineup of professional tools, including Briefs and Typeset, helps round out a suite of workflow apps for creative people including designers and now, developers.

Studio Announces the Launch of Everyday Tools™ Brand

MartianCraft is also announcing their expansion into the consumer space with the launch of their Everyday Tools™ brand. Marketing head, Rob Rhyne states, “With TouchPad and NumPad we’re exploring tools that are useful whenever and wherever you need them.” MartianCraft is proud to announce major updates to NumPad and TouchPad, currently waiting for review by Apple and coming soon. Both apps are redesigned and optimized for iOS 7, plus TouchPad features a brand-new Night theme that automatically detects low light conditions.

You can find out more about these new products and get the latest updates by visiting

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