MartianCraft LLC, developer of Briefs and Slender, has acquired Zarra Studios LLC, the company of expert developer, AFM racer, and MartianCraft co-founder Marcus Zarra. The asset purchase includes Dave Moss (DM) Tuning, along with the IP and technology for unannounced game projects which are currently in development.

Introducing MartianCraft Racing

MartianCraft has a history of innovative work for clients in health, fitness, and athletics. With today’s announcement we expand on that work to mark a new chapter in building software that assists athletes to maximize their performance. The MartianCraft Racing brand will go beyond DM Tuning and bring our consulting services and expertise to motorsports.

Published in collaboration with renowned suspension expert Dave Moss, DM Tuning is a collection of articles, podcasts, and videos for helping riders customize their motorcycle to support a particular riding style and skill level. It captures nearly two decades of Dave’s experience and presents his knowledge and teachings in a convenient mobile experience.

You can find out more about DM Tuning and MartianCraft Racing by visiting

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