Here at MartianCraft we often find ourselves taking advantage of our work environment by moving about our locales during the day. Naturally, this lends us to carry our work environment with us, so here is a small peek into what some of us carry…

Alan Bradburne

Server-side Sorcerer

What Alan carries

Bag: Ally Capellino vertical canvas satchel

What’s in the bag:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? Despite being pretty light, thin, and compact, I have everything I could ever need or want to work or relax. If I want to shed a few extra pounds and travel really light, I might begrudgingly leave the 3DS or camera at home, with the iPhone standing in. Aside from the practical nature of this kit, I have to admit that I love the aesthetics and the materials of each item.

Ben Brooks

Resident Snack Expert

What Ben carries

Bag: Outlier Ultrahigh Quadzip

What’s in the bag:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? The lack of weight. Everything in this setup is the bare minimum of what I need, balanced with nice to haves — but it all weighs next to nothing. All packed up in the bag, it weighs 3.9lbs.

Brian Buck


What Brian Buck carries

Bag: Timbuk2 extra large messenger bag

What’s in the bag:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? It can haul all this stuff and still be (somewhat) light and comfortable to ride. It protects my MacBooks and iPad. Rarely do I carry both Macs but I prefer the 13” to save weight.

Brian Harmann

Cocoa Developer

What Brian Harman carries


What’s in the Bag:

Cory Bohon

Cross Platform Engineer (a.k.a. I make shiny things on a multitude of screens)

What Cory carries

Bag: Thule Crossover 32 Liter Backpack

What’s in the bag:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? I like to travel light with my equipment (fewer items to keep track of, and fewer things to lose), but I still have all of the necessities and they fit nicely in the backpack and leave enough room for travel documents and MagSafe adapter if needed.

Dave Wood


What Dave carries

Bag: Swiss Gear Bag (w/obligatory Canada luggage tag)

What’s in the bag:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? It’s my prepared for almost anything set up. I can connect all kinds of devices together as needed. In a hotel room with an old TV and want to watch an iTunes movie? I can make that happen. Have an old iOS device that crashes when trying to play Pokémon Go, I can fix that (yes, that happened this weekend). Have a device with a dead battery, I can charge it with some combination of adapters. Need to MacGyver something? This bag will definitely help. Zombie attack? You’ll want to see my duffle bag. :)

Eric Blair

Lead Engineer

What Eric carries

Bag: Timbuk2 Custom Commute Messenger Bag

What’s in the bag:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? I’ve got a fair bit of stuff here, but it’s all quite modular. With the exception of the the MacBook chargers and one Lightning cable, the cables and batteries live in the GORUCK. If I’m just stepping out of the house for a few hours, I can quickly yank that and the water bottle from my bag and get a much more compact kit. Conversely, if all I want is my iPad and power, I can toss the iPad and the GORUCK into a significantly smaller messenger bag I frequently use when I’m out and about.

Jaimee Newberry

Captain of Fun

What Jaimee carries

Bag: Handbag of Holding

What’s in the bag:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? This bag can hold WAY more than I’ve got here, but this stuff here has me covered whether I’m leaving town or working away from the home office. If I’m traveling overseas, I add my passport and a sleep mask, and button a neck-pillow around the shoulder strap. The bag abides.

Joe Keeley

Lead Engineer

What Joe carries

Bag: Ecotech

What’s in the bag:

This depends on the duration of the trip. If it’s a coffee shop / partial day outing, the bag includes:

For an overnight or longer, I will typically add:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? It’s really light, still has plenty of room for extra stuff (like when traveling with kids - I end up carrying all the iPads and chargers and whatnot), and I have everything I need to get work done. This was my loadout for 10 weeks in Southeast Asia.

Kevin Wenning

Project Manager

What Kevin carries

Bag: Handmade camel leather bag from Jerusalem Israel

What’s in the Bag: 

What’s your favorite part about this kit? I can work, entertain myself, or be creative anywhere in the world whether I’m on the road, in an office, or stuck in an airport.

Kyle Richter


What Kyle carries

Bag: Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

What’s in the bag:

Nick Keppol

Creative Director

What Nick carries


What’s in the bag:

Richard Turton

Cocoa Engineer

What Richard carries

Bag: Incase city compact

What’s in the bag:

What’s your favorite part about this kit? The MacBook. Probably the best Mac I’ve ever owned.

Thomas Ingham

Cross-Platform Huckleberry

What Thomas carries

Bag: Booq Boa (not pictured)

Currently out of the bag:

Zach McArtor

Cocoa Engineer

What Zach carries

Bag: Topo Designs Klettersac

What’s in the bag:

 What’s your favorite part about this kit? Setup is half remote-tech worker, half hiker, adventurer. Topo KletterSack is still stylish enough to fit into chic coffee spaces while crushing out code and functional enough to hit trailhead in time to catch a sunset.

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