Today we announce a little project we have been working on — we are calling it Second Stage. Second Stage is a one day workshop where we share the knowledge gained working with a wide variety of companies over the last several years. Our plan is to host these events all over the world, to spread and share what we know, as we roll out Second Stage.

For now, we are starting small — on June 1st 2017 we will be hosting our first Secondary Stage workshop in Denver, Colorado at the Warwick Hotel. For this Second Stage our focus is on something we are experts in: enterprise iOS development.

This is by design a small event, about 20 attendees. And completely free to attend.

Already sold? Sign up here.

Our goal is to bring our team to you, and have them share with you the knowledge we have gained working for, and alongside, Fortune 500 companies in a series of presentations and hands on sessions. We hope every attendee leaves with a new set of tools to help them in their everyday job.

That’s it, nothing more.

Who Should Attend?

While we encourage everyone to sign up so we can gauge which location to pick next, this event is best suited to:

  1. People in the Denver, CO area.
  2. iOS developers working in enterprise environments

While those not working in enterprise environments will still find value in the workshop, those who do not do iOS development will struggle to find value in this workshop.

Free You Say? Nothing’s Free

That’s true, nothing is free. But the tickets to this are very much free. But, it’s fair to ask why we are doing this, and since we believe in cutting through the crap, let’s get this out of the way now: this benefits us, as much as it does you.

Here’s where we benefit:

  1. Our staff loves to share knowledge and eat hotel food, this is for them.
  2. It’s good karma for us.
  3. The more we participate in the community, the more new clients we tend to attract, and we love new clients.

Ok, one other catch: we can’t provide meals. So we will help with snacks and coffee and water, but we can’t bring in lunch or dinner — so we will take some breaks for those. So yeah, definitely no free lunch here.


With only about 20 slots open, we know that we can’t accommodate everyone this time around, but fear not, we have no intention of this being the only Second Stage event.

Come and join us.

Ben Brooks

MartianCraft Alumni

MartianCraft is a US-based mobile software development agency. For nearly two decades, we have been building world-class and award-winning mobile apps for all types of businesses. We would love to create a custom software solution that meets your specific needs. Let's get in touch.