At MartianCraft we are very passionate, about technology of course, but also about our world and all those that inhabit it. We believe that things can be better and we applaud those who dedicate themselves to making the world a better place. While there are many small ways to sacrifice and giveback to improve the collective good we believe that enterprises need to lead the way and effect change from within.

While MartianCraft has always matched employee donations to charities and has previously donated to relief efforts from Hurricanes, Floods, and Earthquakes, as a company we feel that we can always do more. Starting immediately we will offer any new clients who are seeking to make the world better a 20% discount on all standard rates for development and design. This applies to any 501(c)(3) non-profits & charities, as well as all certified B Corporations.

MartianCraft mobile software has helped countless companies improve processes, reduce overhead, move more swiftly and nimbly, and deploy technology to remote environments. We believe that the future hinges on our scientific and technological improvements and we want to help those who are fighting for a better world win that battle just a little bit easier. We know the path there isn’t easy, our universal struggle is more than just uphill, but together with the right tools and minds we can help build a better future together.

Kyle Richter

Chief Executive Officer

MartianCraft is a US-based mobile software development agency. For nearly two decades, we have been building world-class and award-winning mobile apps for all types of businesses. We would love to create a custom software solution that meets your specific needs. Let's get in touch.