We give you the room to explore and create, so you can excel.

Are you someone who enjoys collaboratively solving challenging problems? At MartianCraft, we work together to create innovative software for our clients.

Perhaps you’re reading this because you want to do something new and exciting — work you’ll be proud of accomplishing. It won’t always be glamorous, but it will always make an impact and you’ll always be surrounded by the best and brightest in the industry.

Company Culture

The crew is filled with a diverse group of top tier talent, and we love to mentor — to help — to grow this emerging field. It is our passion that fuels our perfection.

It is our humility that allows us to learn and grow as individuals, and as a company. We've embraced technology so we may seek out and find the best no matter where they happen to call home.

We want you to be happy and healthy.

Join our remote family

MartianCraft was doing remote before remote was cool, or even heard of. Our team has been 100% remote since 2004 (yup seriously). We have the tools, knowledge, and most importantly the management structure to make remote a painless success.

We work hard, and we know working remote had it’s challenges when it comes to building relationships with your team but we like to think we have a small family here. We put aside time for game days, social hour, and have Slack rooms for everything from Cooking and Hiking to Photography and Smart Home tech.

The hardest part of being remote is not getting to hang out with your coworkers outside of a work environment. We try to mitigate that experience with MartianCraft Social Events, be it our weekly FPS video games, Dungeon and Dragon sessions, or even a monthly MartianCraft Virtual Social we do everything we can to do remote better than anyone else.

We're Hiring