Localization Training

Localization Training

Instructor: Laura Savino

Duration: contact us for details

About This Class

This training covers preparing source code for translators (including gotchas with the NSLocalizedString functions, storyboards, and pluralization), managing the round-trip from source code to translators and back to source (including an indepth look at the new-to-iOS xliff file format and its role in updating existing translations), techniques for testing layout, and checklists for the dozen-or-so sources of strings that project teams need to stay on top of. read more

We’ll spend the first day going over principles & tactics of localizing apps, and any subsequent days troubleshooting particular localization issues for your existing app. read less

About The Instructor

Laura Savino

Laura is an iOS developer with a penchant for languages, travel, and education. She's created retail, financial, and entertainment apps with the mobile agency Übermind, and most recently built apps to transform students' learning at Khan Academy. She now independently codes, speaks, and teaches in Seattle.