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About Us

MartianCraft is building the future today. Working with our clients we have shaped elections, redefined the newspaper, and delivered joy to millions. Our products Briefs and Slender are reinventing how software is designed. We aren't just mobile natives, we helped spark the revolution.

Guaranteed Quality - Never resold

Know who you hire

We are committed to hiring only the very best designers, developers, and personnel from around the world. Currently, our team members reside in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, which gives us a global presence. Our mission is to consistently deliver insanely great software without shortcuts or sacrifices. We will never resell or offshore our work to other companies.

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Managing Partners

MartianCraft is founded and led by industry veterans Rob Rhyne, Kyle Richter, and Jeff LaMarche. Our founders are the brains behind some of the largest and most successful mobile innovations of the last decade. Comprised of successful entrepreneurs, renowned authors, global speakers, respected professors, and subject matter experts, our founders know what it takes to make the impossible possible.

Kyle Richter
Kyle Richter CEO, Operations

Kyle is a life long developer and entrepreneur. He has founded and run three successful Mac and iOS development companies over the last 15 years. He is also a bestselling author who speaks internationally on topics from software development to business. His instincts on day-to-day operations paired with his technical experience make him the ideal manager for MartianCraft.

Rob Rhyne
Rob Rhyne Marketing and Sales

Rob is equal parts designer and developer. For nearly 20 years, he has drawn and built beautiful software for Mac, iOS, and the Web. He is the creative vision that turned MartianCraft into a premier producer of design power tools. He adds beauty and imagination to every app he touches, inspiring new and existing clients of MartianCraft.

Jeff Lamarche
Jeff Lamarche Evangelism

Jeff is a renowned author, developer and teacher. His first book, Beginning iPhone Development, stands as the all-time best-selling book on learning to develop for the iPhone and iPad. Jeff is a stalwart in the iOS community, reaching thousands through his incredibly popular blog. His respect in our community made him the obvious choice as our Evangelist.

Together, we do more

At MartianCraft, we believe talented people striving towards a common goal can accomplish anything. Every action we take is made with this aspiration in mind. Paramount to this goal is the fulfillment and happiness of our own people.

MartianCraft is a remote results only work environment (ROWE). We allow our team members to determine the processes they find most effective to produce the highest quality software. Employee happiness and trust are fundamental to our success.

Books Books

20 bestsellers and counting

When other developers are stumped they open our books.


Successful Launches

Everyone thinks quality can't scale. We prove them wrong.

Our Management

Our partners and project managers are experts in their fields and know what it takes to get the job done.
They define and shape the culture, ethics, and professionalism that are hallmarks of our brand.

Quality software doesn't fit into a mold, so we consider your goals when building our team. With over fifty talented designers and developers to choose, we're able to hand pick the individuals that are best suited to tackle the challenges of your project. The highest quality software is always hand crafted — not cobbled together with 3rd party libraries and copied code from the internet.