We have what it takes. Taking a seemingly impossible idea and turning it into a tangible solution. Our talented designers and developers are hand picked to be the best team possible on every project we take on.

Our Leadership

We are fortunate enough to have recruited amazing leaders from across the world. Our leadership team is here to support our staff and our clients — they are some of the best in the world.


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Kyle wrote his first computer program at the age of eight on a Commodore 64k, and has been passionate about technology and engineering ever since. After his military career in 2004, he founded his first software development studio. Kyle has lead successful software companies for the past 12 years, being named twice the CEO of an Inc 5000 fastest growing company. more

A prolific author, having written five books on mobile development and contributed to many more. He has served as an advisor to numerous startups and investment groups, as well as speaking regularly around the globe on technology, business, entrepreneurship, and futurology.

We suspect Kyle might have started a software company so that he gets to regularly hold TF2 bouts. less

Favorite Drink


1.5 oz Old Tom Gin

1.5 oz Sweet vermouth

.25 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Garnish with 1 orange twist


Jaimee has worked in the Interaction Design & Development industry since 1998, with emphasis on behavioral psychology-applied design for web, mobile web, mobile applications, and product teams. more

Prior to her role as MartianCraft’s Chief Operations Officer, she spun a 15-year, award-winning design career into a successful coaching and training practice, helping C-Level executives from world-renowned companies and product teams to create more engaged and compassionate teams, and vastly improved digital products.

Jaimee is a person who can tell you five ways to make your last email better — but only after you send it. less

Favorite Drink

Roy Rogers

5 parts Cola

1 part Grenadine

1 peel lemon

1 whole cherry


Ben brings the writing and passion about technology he shares on his popular blog and melds that with his years of leadership and business experience running his own successful company for more than 8 years. more

His passion for adding value through innovative technology, design, and leadership shines through in his operations role.

Ben did all of this before learning that "space archaeologist" was an option. less

Favorite Drink

Black Maple Hill Rye with 6 drops of filtered water


Nathan has built software for 3-person startups, Fortune 100 enterprises, and many others in his more than 15 year career in the software industry. He is also an established technical speaker and trainer. more

His enthusiasm for learning and improving is constant, and he harnesses this enthusiasm to the benefit of MartianCraft and its clients.

Nathan isn't sure what futurology is, but it sure sounds cool. less

Favorite Drink

Anything he's never tried before


Nick is a Swiss-trained designer and has forged his career working as a software designer. Nick is a master of building out design systems and design languages for products. more

He leads the MartianCraft design team, and brand, with precision and is adept at getting to the heart of our client problems — providing the best solution while weighing the development cost of each option he provides.

If you ask Nick about a new typeface, be sure to set aside a couple hours. less

Favorite Drink

A Balvenie Single Malt lightly diluted with water, or a Pale Ale


With more than 15 years of experience writing software in a variety of languages and on several platforms, Josh has helped build everything from mission-critical banking services to award-winning iOS and Android applications. more

He has developed software used by millions of people for discerning clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Josh has a passion for working with new tools and helps to insure MartianCraft is using the best possible tools it can be.

Despite MartianCraft's best efforts, Josh rarely sports a mustache. less

Favorite Drink

Any decent bourbon over ice


Joe crafts technical solutions, and solves business problems — from enterprise software systems at companies including Apple, AMD, Vistar, Intelligent Electronics, and Ahold USA / Stop and Shop / MAC Risk Management; to iOS solutions for venture-funded startups and Fortune 100 companies. more

He is the co-author of the books “Mastering iOS Frameworks” and "iOS Components and Frameworks, Understanding the Advanced Features of iOS" from Addison-Wesley. Joe frequently presents development topics at conferences and developer meetings, and is the author of two instructional iOS development videos produced by Addison-Wesley Professional.

Joe is an annoyingly good TF2 sniper. less

Favorite Drink

Pint of Guinness


Eric's professional development career started over 15 years ago, contributing to cross platform video editing solutions back in the days when Apple alternated between "beleaguered" and "doomed". Since then, he's worked on projects in a variety of fields, including social networking, digital forensics, e-commerce, and media technology. more

Back in the early aughts, he took a few years away from development to pursue an MBA in technology and entrepreneurship. Luckily, the combination of the iPhone release and the global economic downturn led him back to the field of software development.

Eric currently lives in fear of the day somebody approaches MartianCraft with a code base in need of Carbonization. less

Favorite Drink

A flavorful stout


Kevin's passion is assisting visionaries in seeing their big ideas come to life. His leadership domain knowledge covers order fulfillment systems, product development, sales program development, art and photography direction and software design & delivery cycle. more

Bringing together teams to build ideas and solve problems is the defining joy of his career. Kevin is a well travelled man and brings a unique perspective to every project he touches.

Kevin has been stranded in more airports than we care to acknowledge. less

Favorite Drink

Lagavulin 16yr, one rock


Carlos brings years of smart fiscal management, accounting, and financial planning to MartianCraft. His experience and knowledge is a constant source of confidence for MartianCraft. more

Ultimately, he makes sure we all get paid — we really like him. less

Favorite Drink

A nice cold micro-brewed beer