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You care about the details and so do we. We're also funny and pretty smart. Our projects are captivating, and you get to work with a fun bunch of great people. Are you ready for a challenge?

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We give you the room to explore, to create, and to excel; doing work that matters.

Challenging Projects

Are you someone who seeks out the hardest problems? The problems that no one else wants to tackle. The really difficult ones. At MartianCraft, we do the hard work that makes software great, but still deliver on a deadline.

Perhaps you're reading this because you want a hard problem to solve. You want to do something new and exciting—work you'll be proud of accomplishing. It won't always be glamorous, but it will always make an impact. Don't worry, you'll be surrounded by the best and brightest team in the industry.

Join in for Game Day twice a week.

Be Comfortable

Join in for Game Day twice a week.

We've found that people do their best work when they are free from office rules and dress codes. Wouldn't you want to take control of where and when you work? We want you to feel your best, so you can do your best. At MartianCraft we believe in giving you the best tools and resources and getting out of your way.

You won't be alone. We use the world's most advanced communication technology to ensure you are surrounded by the random thoughts, whims, and brilliant insights of the rest of your fellow MartianCraft team. You also get to set them on twice a week, if you can.

We want you to be healthy and happy

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